Hello, I'm Luc Chaissac.
Please welcome to my Internets™️ web page.

Currently building @Dock,
Internets™️ director @bespoke,
and before that brand designer @Lattice, CEO @Muxu.Muxu.

I’ve spent the past 12+ years working across different areas of Design. From print ads, email design, product design, gradient collection, all forms of illustration, marketing programs, weird GIFs, even run a small studio of 15 humans to my current role designing brand experience.

I occasionally take on freelance opportunities. If you’re looking for a brand designer to help you discover ideas, explore concepts, establish purpose to accelerate growth — let's discuss!

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Dribbble.

Lattice Virtual Conference 2020
Lattice — Virtual Conference
Lattice Brand Evolution
Lattice — Brand
Lattice Brand Evolution
Muxu.Muxu  —  Studio
Lattice Brand Evolution
Muxu.Muxu x Bureau Nuits — Typeface