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Lattice Virtual Conference 2020

Elevating Our Brand

Since its creation, Lattice has been experiencing a major development, whether it is the enlargement of its teams or a growing number of customers. In order to match our ambition, I’ve been asked to work on rebranding the company’s identity, hand-in-glove with the marketing VP Alex, and Jared, the head of design.

Our mission was to make it easier for our audience to understand Lattice’s position on the HR market, and align the brand with its new ambitions, by differentiating ourselves.

Early explorations

Human after all

First of all, our intention was to adapt Lattice’s image without changing its core visual DNA and solid base. The concept we therefore developed was to “play” with real people who would be featured in some scenes we imagined, including some 3D elements. Once we agreed on the idea, I started to work on some mock-ups and specs explorations.

After that, we gathered 6 models to photograph them for a 10-hours session (and a tight schedule!), for an overall result of 1600 photos. Then, I used these images and included some CGI, in order to create the 3D scenes that were eventually ready after a few colour editing and retouching.

Photo shoot direction by Jeremiah
iterations to the live results

What's next?

It took us 6 months to come out with the final result. What a joy to finally be able to see our campaign displayed on some SF or New-York city subway’s billboards - as well as observing a significant increase of our web traffic thanks to it!

Thanks to an amazing teamwork, we were able to produce this whole new branding to position Lattice as we wanted for our targeted audience; as a human-centered and trustworthy brand. As a company in perpetual evolution, listening to new practices in the people management playground, always inclined to step out of its comfort zone.


Jeremiah Warren
Tegan Mierle
Jared Erondu
Laura Nagle
Alex Kracov
Lia Negrete
April Foster