Lattice — Virtual
Conference 2020

Brand Designer • Art Direction

Lattice Virtual Conference 2020

From SF to worldwide

Each year, Lattice organises a San Francisco-based conference addressing people strategy thematic.

With the massive impact of Covid-19 on work practices, it was important for us to maintain the event in 2020, even online, as we wanted to support HR leaders who have gone through quite a tough year.

High level sketches based on the Conference logo shapes
Wild color script research to align on environment look and feel

A brand new universe...

Together with Lattice’s Head of Events Erin Flannery, we wanted to provide valuable interactions and experiences – beyond disembodied ‘classic’ streaming format – for our attendees but also for the 40 sick panelists involved, among them Ed Catmull, Joanna Miller and Trevor Noah, as well as for our amazing premium sponsors such as Namely, BambooHR or Lever – just to name a few.

During the research phase, my intention was therefore to design an inclusive online safe-space, a 3D warm environment, intentionally different from reality. While people are spending so much time behind their screen at home in today’s world, our goal was to propose a unique experience for them, a brand new imaginary with a dedicated storytelling.

Collaborating with Content, Sales, CX, On-Demand teams to build such a small village was a new and exciting experience. We collectively build a whole brand new universe, featuring forward-thinking keynotes as well as booths for sponsors, yoga classes and even puppy cams.

High fidelity 3D renders to organize in-app experience
Overview of the experience

… with so many opportunities!

With over +40k participants registered online, and an overall of +20k people attending all day long, the Resources for Humans Virtual Conference is the biggest online event organised around HR topics. It helps Lattice to stand out as a leader in the People Strategy market and also to boost the company’s sales.

We are so glad our event contributes to support the HR community within the current context! Creating this premium environment for them was a very rewarding experience, where we learnt so much.
We are even more delighted to have received great feedback from many attendees. The shift we took reinforces our willingness to go even further, given all the opportunities offered by virtual conferences.


Erin Flannery
Chase Simmons
Annette Cardwell
Andy Przystanski
Danielle Sensley
Grace Cheung
Jared Erondu
Christine Swor
Charlie Liang
Damien Da Costa
Rory Tokunaga
Valentin Galmand
Alex Kracov