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Lattice Virtual Conference 2020

Beyond the comfort zone

What are you supposed to do when you are working for a company you don’t really like but wherein you love the people you are collaborating with at the same time? Well, this Muxu.Muxu’s story. All started off from scratch and by instinct in 2016, as a side-project with my BFF and other great talents.

Following a restful weekend in the Basque Country where we adopted the “muxu” spirit (aka “kiss” in basque), we began to work on it. The first thing we implemented was to do everything differently from what we did in our previous agencies. That’s how we selected our first projects, clients and skilled friends we wanted to bring in the adventure.


Supporting business

Quickly, we’ve been able to grow Muxu.Muxu’s reputation in Bordeaux, France, where we were based - and far beyond. After having developed a Buffer for Dribbble, a now-famous Chrome extension and some iOS applications, we quickly decided to switch and to focus on design.

The reason for such fast development was I think related to our business approach, as our goal was eventually to really understand what our clients needed: to support their business by offering them the most useful services. In that way, we managed to gain trust from different important companies, but also to build a premium studio reputation for Muxu.Muxu.

More Muxu.Vibes

The Muxu spirit

For about 3 years, we succeeded in building close relationships with our clients, such as PayFit, Aircall, Spendesk or Lattice - among others. With hindsight, I can say that talking the same language as these companies helped us a lot to better understand their needs, thus to provide the most relevant services.

Muxu.Muxu also standed out thanks to our human approach, putting transparency, honesty and fun at the core of our DNA. This common spirit led us to work on great projects, and even though the adventure stopped in 2019 due to different visions within the team, I’m really proud and grateful to have been able to work with such an amazing team and people.